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Prita Page

Unfortunately I do not have hard copies of these 4 images they were sent to me by friends electronically only. These copies are as good as I have.

I do have a hard copy of this one, but it's back in the states and for some reason I don't have a higher resolution scan with me here in Qatar.

If you need it I can try to have a friend make one for you in a week or so.

I do have another, but only slightly higher resolution, image of this woman with an umbrella, from on a different postcard. I have emailed that other one to you.

I have this other image of young Salme, other than the one you selected, but this is the best resolution I have with me here original is back in the USA

I have emailed you a slightly better copy of this image of two women, but as you see they are part of t dual-image post card. The one I emailed is the best version I can get from my electronic copy. Hard copy is back home.

I have decent copies with me of the other images you are interested in so I sent those to you via email.

Since I now have an idea of what themes interest you below are some additional images that I have not posted to my website but that might relate well to your project.

I do have good high resolution scans with me of all of these images so if you want any let me know which and I will send via email.

Here are some more that I have decent, but not high resolution, copies of with me.

That's all for now, however if you did not already view it you might look at my page on the Kanga, it also has some other images of women .


Torrence Royer 2008