Some Sights to see in Zanzibar

Marvel at the power and intricate beauty of the Kibla of a 900 year old Mosque.

Near the village of Kizimkazi on southeastern Unguja Island.

Prowl through the ruins of Mtoni Palace.

Just north of Stone town.

Search for the hillside of eroded rock pillars, referred to as the "Pink Terraces."

In the Masingini Forrest Reserve. Just north of Stone Town.

Ponder the message of the Slave Memorial.

Next to the UMCA Cathedral in Stone Town.

Absorb the Spirit of Taarab, the music of the Islands.

Wherever Zanzibari gather to celebrate.

Hunt for a glimpse of rare Butterfly's.

In the Jozani Forest on Unguga

or the Ngezi Forrest on Pemba.

Walk the Stone Town maze

Learn the maze and you willwant to stay forever.