Zanzibar Woman

This attractive early (about 1890) kanga ensemble helps explain why Kanga clothing became so popular when first imported to east Africa.

Arabs #7

This family photo from 1900 of a man, his two sons and two servants is unidentified.

Comoro Girl

The Comoro community was an important minority in old Zanzibar.

Fish Market St.

In Zanzibar fishing has always been an important part of life. Most every town has a fish market street.


Early dhows were made without nails or screws. Instead these wooden boats were lashed and sewn together.

N'Gambo Street

The N'gombo section of Zanzibar city has been redeveloped several times in its history.

Seyyid Hamoud

In this1901 photo H.S.H. Hamoud wears medals from both eastern and western countries, emblematic of Zanzibar's historic role as a meeting ground for travelers from both eastern and western civilizations.

Indian Jugglers

Old Zanzibar attracted entertainers from all over. Visitors frequently commented on these entertainments, usually in a positive manner.

Town View

J. B. Coutinho composed many photos from an elevated height; this one shows that even more than 100 years ago the city was closely packed with houses and larger structures.