Zanzibar Windsurfing

During the monsoon winds, in the Zanzibar Channel, sailing vessels of all types could reach impressive speeds. This photo was later made into a stamp. One must wonder how exactly this photo was taken.

Water Taxi

For many years Stone Town was almost surrounded by tidal creeks. People still found ways to get around, at high or low tide.


Early Dhow sails were pieced together and to stay strong were in almost constant state of repair.

Musicians 1900

Music and dance have always been part of Zanzibar culture.

Sultan's Barge

This Barge of State was used occasionally to take the Sultan out to visit ships in the Harbor. He would also send it out to ferry in important visitors wishing to see him.


The guns in front of the Jail indicate that this photo was taken just after World War 1.

Eastern Telegraph Building

From this unassuming location numerous underwater cables were linked. This was an important piece of the early global telegraphic network that allowed quick communication between Europe and the rest of the world.

Clove Harvesting

A large percentage of the population of the islands participated in the seasonal clove harvest. The time-critical nature of the harvest and the large numbers of pickers needed caused this harvest, at times, to become an arena for labor disputes.

Sultan's Coach

It is said that this coach was a gift from Queen Victoria.