Victoria Gardens

These gardens were designed and planted by Goan experts and were given to the city by Seyyid Hamoud in 1899. Located just off a main route into the city the gardens were used as a high class meeting and resting place.

Mizigani Road

This harbor side road has always been a main artery in Stone Town.

Bububu Train

This train ran for less than 20 years but was very popular and heavily used by passengers. However lack of adequate freight traffic made it uneconomical. Plans to extend it all the way to the northern tip of the island never got further than the land survey and a route map.

Town Landing and Boats

The look of a painting is at times cultivated in some of de Lord's early work.

The de Lord Studio

A little self promotion never hurt a photography business, de Lord set up shop in the most prominent location he could find.

Date Shop

Shopping is often both a business and a social transaction in Zanzibar.

Swahili Girls

De Lord used color to capture impact of the height of 1910 fashions.

Residence Building and French Hospital

The building on the extreme left, here identified as the French Hospital, later became the St. Joseph Convent School and then Tumekuja School.

Darajani Creek

Small Ship repair and refitting was a lucrative business in old Zanzibar.